Send Great Birthday Card Messages:

Huggybox is perfect to send that special birthday wish that they will actually remember. Sending a Huggybox instead of a birthday card will do more then just send a basic “happy birthday” message paired with one of those generic birthday greeting images, it communicates something more personal and heartfelt.


And what could be more special then a hug?

A Huggybox is the perfect replacement for:

•   Happy Birthday Sister Cards

•   Happy Birthday Mom and Dad Cards

•   Happy Birthday Cards for a Friend

•   Birthday gift for long distance best friend

•   Even Happy Birthday Cards for Grandma and Grandpa!

The world is full of cute, happy birthday cards, but the happy birthday message tends to get drowned out by all of the other, maybe not-so- awesome birthday cards. Make sure your birthday message stands out and is a message to remember! Order a Huggybox for the people in your life that deserve a hug this birthday.