Meet your fundraising goals with HuggyBox!

Are you looking to raise money for your club, school or organization? 


Made in the usa

Every HuggyBox is manufactured in the United States at an ECO Friendly facility using Soy based inks that are safe for all ages.  Your organization can rest assured your selling a quality product.


Maximize your return

Your organization works hard to raise money.  We understand that and have a pricing model that will get you to your goal faster.  No min orders so you only buy what you sell.  Over 150% profits from each sale.


Helping Children

Not only will you meet your financial goals by selling our product during your next fundraising event.  We will also donate proceeds for every HuggyBox you sell to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in your organizations name.  This money will go to help children in foster care.

HuggyBox - Best Fundraising Ideas:

Team Fundraising, Office Fundraising, School Fundraising, Cancer Fundraising, and Fundraising for Kids, to list just a few.

Please contact us below if your ready to meet your fundraising goal, we look forward to working with you and your organization.


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