The Language of Love

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching love is in the air! Everyone is trying to figure out what to get for their someone special that is beyond the basic chocolates and flowers. Before you dive too far into the depths of Amazon, make sure you are speaking the same language as your special someone.

No, no, no… not actual language. I am talking about speaking the same love language.

Gary Chapman authored a brilliant book titled “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to a Love that Lasts”. Chapman categorizes individuals into different love languages with the theory that different personalities show and receive love differently. Many times in relationships we show love the way we want to receive it. Problems may arise when our special someone doesn’t speak our love language. Here is a quick run-down of the 5 Love Languages. See if these descriptions fit yourself or better yet, fit that person you love:

Words of Affirmation- This person appreciates compliments, a genuine “thank you”, and words of encouragement.

Quality Time- This person appreciates not only spending time with people but is flattered when people take the time get rid of all distractions with the sole intention of spending time together.

Receiving Gifts- This person appreciates visual, physical representations of love. Receiving a gift is a huge representation of love. Gifts don’t need to be expensive or elaborate.

Physical Touch- This person is most secure in their relationship with physical touch. This can be as simple as holding hands, a hug, or an arm on the shoulder. The closer the better.

Acts of Service- This person is most flattered by service. Helping around the house, chores, and going out of your way to take care of something on their to do list is the ultimate way to show appreciation.

When planning for your Valentine’s gesture think about what language you need to speak in order to be heard most clearly. You and your loved one are complex and unique people so odds are high that you speak more than one love language. It is common that two or three languages resonate with an individual. When planning for your grand Valentine’s gesture, maybe plan on something that speaks multiple of these languages.

A Huggybox is a perfect choice as it targets so many of these love languages. It is a gift that is a physical representation of your love. It represents a hug, a loving touch. Every time they look at their HuggyBox, they will be reminded of the quality time you want to spend together.

Love languages don’t just apply to romantic relationships, they apply to all loving relationships. Think about a gesture for your children, your mom, or maybe your grandparents. Who do you want to communicate love to this Valentine’s Day?

The Warmth of Family to Promote Healing

Author: Ashley Rodrigues, MS, LPC

In a world where families are often spread out across the country or even across the world, having a loved one in the hospital can make that distance seem even greater. As a mental health professional, I see the stress and the toll that loneliness can have on both the individual hospitalized and on their families longing to support them. Huggybox is a creative way to connect with loved ones in their time of need and when they need a hug from you the most, regardless of zip code.

Families separated by distance are accustomed to communicating through technology like cell phones and internet. Continuing to utilize phone calls and messages to stay connected to their loved ones can be vital in preventing feelings of isolation when they are in the hospital. Often families are desperate to provide more than just the standard support to become more connected in this time of need. Phone calls are typical, and this is a very un-typical time. There is a desperation to provide more support to loved ones that is above and beyond a phone call. HuggyBox can be the perfect hospital care package.

get well soon gift ideas

As a therapist, I encourage my clients to get creative in ways to connect with their loved ones. Think outside of the box… or maybe the answer can be found within a little box. Perhaps the joy is in the unexpected gift of a Huggybox. The joy is in opening this cute little box and knowing that the person on the other side wants nothing more than to gift a nice warm hug.

Hospitals can be some of the harshest places to provide a supportive healing environment. Think about all the machines, wires, harsh lighting and cold floors that are found in hospital rooms. Many individuals crave the smallest comforts of home and many times caregivers can continue to get creative to provide this for a loved one.

One of the most effective ways to make an impact in a loved one’s comfort is by targeting all five of the senses. Perhaps, bringing a favorite blanket, sending favorite music, favorite flowers, or even a small rug to warm up a cold room can help engulf your loved one with comfort, but not all families live close enough to provide these feelings of home.

This is one reason why Huggybox is so special. Not only is Huggybox a visual reminder, but it serves as a cue to physically hug this cute little gift. This will trigger beautiful memories of hugs in the past. Nostalgia of happy times, and physical support flood the memories of loved ones. I would even suggest keeping the Huggybox under a pillow as a constant reminder of support. Every time your loved one slides their hand under that cool hospital pillow, there will be a reminder of the warmth and love of a hug from their Huggybox.

Feelings of helplessness are common in family members who are not able to drop their work, and busy lives to be bedside with a loved one. Stress can set in and lead to guilt. There is good news and  a brilliant creative option to let your family know that you love them.  The Huggybox can send the one thing you are longing to give your loved one more than anything, a nice warm hug.