Superheroes Fueled By Hugs

Even our bravest and brightest need to be refueled. I am talking about the greatest men and women in our country that have decided to take their skills, their talents, and their heart to serve in the military. They somehow, against all odds and obstacles, shine through all adversity to defend and protect an entire country. They really are our true life superheroes, just without the cape.

What is even more remarkable is when these heroes walk among us in our daily lives. Your neighbor, your brother in law, your fiancé, your mom. They somehow manage to be superheroes in their careers and still be incredible people walking amongst us. Who is the superhero in your life?

As much as we really do see these men and women as superheroes, they need fuel. They need to be reminded of the precious faces and inspiring spirits of the people they work to defend daily. Heroes need to be reminded of why they are sacrificing the comforts of home, their safety, and even precious time with their family. They need to be reminded that they really are our modern day superheroes and sometimes the best reminder is a hug.

We have all seen those Youtube videos of overwhelming joyful reunions with our military families returning home. Perhaps you have even lived one of these stunning reunions. Tears streaming down faces. The hugs that seem to make time stop. Have you ever seen a more powerful and transformative hug?

There is a reason we can endlessly watch these beautiful reunions. It is the power of those hugs. Can you imagine being able to somehow bottle up that transformative power to use whenever you need? Those kind of hugs are exactly the fuel that our superheroes need and deserve.

Families and loved ones would want nothing more then be able to magically appear to give these transforming hugs daily, but usually oceans and calendar pages separate our superheroes from us. Care packages can be nice touch to bridge the gap and send comforts of home to our superheroes serving. Fill them with as much fuel as you can. Photographs, letters, drawings, candies, and snacks will remind them of the beautiful faces that mean the most to them. Reminders of the reason they are sacrificing everything. Add a hug to that care package, it just might be the greatest fuel your superhero needs.

Your HuggyBox will remind them of that heart wrenching reunion that is soon to come. It just may be the fuel they need to superhero through their day. They can look at it whenever they need a reminder of the tearfully joyous reunion that awaits them. Our men and women deserve to be fueled by the best, and that best is your hugs.