I was having a hard time falling asleep...

My father was away on a business trip; I was 5 years old at the time. My mother had just tucked me in and gave me a hug wishing me a good night.

After my mother left the room, I remember something feeling different.   My father usually comes in with my mom to say goodnight, tonight he was away.  As I lay in bed,  I kept thinking about my Dad and how I wished he were home with mommy and I.  I wondered what he was doing?  If he was also thinking about me?

HuggyBox CEO and Founder Elena

At that moment I remembered what my father told me as he was leaving the house this morning to go to the airport.  He mentioned how he left something special under my pillow for later.  I could now feel the excitement growing in my head as I remembered this thought.  I quickly got up and turned on the light in my room to see what he meant.

After slowly lifting my pillow,  I found a sticky note.  On it was a message wishing me a good night's sleep and a little perforated piece at the bottom of the note that said Huggy.  On the backside of the note my father explained that if I tore off this Hug and squeezed it really tight, I would actually feel his hug come through the paper.  Not sure if that paper was magical or if it was just my need for it to work, but it did.  I swore I felt him hug me.


The next thing I remember was the sun shining through my window and my mom calling in to wake up, as it was time for school.  Now every time my mom or dad travel I look forward to nighttime and going to bed, just so I can read the special note they left and get a hug.

This event in my life is what fueled me to invent the HuggyBox.  My goal is to help other families stay connected much in the same manner as I did with my parents when they were not able to be home.  HuggyBox is a great alternative when greeting cards just don't say enough.  Sending virtual hugs allows everyone to stay connected. (Also please note we are a Proud partner of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Proceeds from each HuggyBox sold will go to the foundation to help find forever families for children in foster care.)

Lots of Hugs,